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Using Thawed Eggs: Scrambled Eggs & Egg Hash

Awhile back, I wrote about how we got a great deal on farm fresh eggs and decided to freeze some for later. Well, we finally made it through the remaining fresh eggs on-hand and needed to dip into our freezer stash.

The first thing we noticed about the freezer eggs is that they defrost looking different than a fresh-cracked egg--the yolk is firmer and drier. The first time we defrosted some, we did it in a in an open bowl in the fridge overnight. We awoke to still-frozen eggs. We let them be for a few more days, by which point they were rather dry. They were usable, but not appealing. The second time, we used a non-air-tight container and let the eggs sit in the fridge for a couple of days. The were more moist this time, but still a bit off. The third time, we used an air-tight Pyrex bowl and transferred the eggs to the refrigerator mid-day. Ding, ding, ding! They ended up looking different than a fresh egg, but not unappealing.

I decided to scramble these, which seemed like a good choice for the texture. The whites cooked up like a fresh egg. The yolks held together, unlike the wiggly, breakable quality of a fresh yolk.

Whites are cooking nicely, yolks remain firm
I pressed down gently with a spoon to break the yolks up. It didn't ooze like a fresh yolk; it did something drier than a squish but moister than a crumble. The difference didn't matter through, as the yolk bits scrambled in with the white bits, the whole thing cooked up just like the fresh-gg scrambled eggs I'm familiar with. It was delicious!

Scrambled eggs, just like normal
We just started a dairy-free, gluten-free, berry-free trial at our house to help with various issues, namely V's eczema, and having the eggs on hand helped us kick off our first GF/DF breakfast wonderfully. We made a potato, egg, spinach, sausage hash with ten defrosted eggs (our recipe was inspired by this one).
Egg Hash
It was yummy, used up some of the massive amounts of potatoes we recently dug up at our community supported agriculture (CSA) farm, and made enough that we can reheat it for mornings later this week.

Digging for potatoes

Later this week, we'll give defrosted eggs a try again when we make Mini Egg Pizzas. We are curious to see how they do when baked.

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