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No More Cleaner Clumps

In green cleaning, I use several different powders: borax, baking soda, washing soda, oxygen cleaner (sodium percarbonate), citric acid. Some of these clump up in the humidity of our basement and are unusable. So, what's a green cleaning family supposed to do? Don't throw these products away! Instead, pull out your food processor and prepare for magic.

Step 1:
Dump the clumps in to a food processor fitted with the normal blade.
Some of the powder will get very fine and billow out of the machine. You may want to cover it with a towel.

 Step 2:
Whir away
Let the dust settle
Open the lid.
Step 3:
Transfer the powder into an air-tight container.
Also, you could pop in a packet of silica gel if you have one leftover from something else.
Those terracotta brown sugar bears (and other shapes) work, too.





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