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What’s In Our Freezer? Part 1: Letters A-G

Using the freezer for food preservation is a major strategy in keeping our grocery budget at $250 per month. I thought that taking a peek into our freezer might lend some insight into how we keep food costs down.

Almonds I purchased a 5 pound bag from BJs. I use these as a go-to snack and keep a bag in my purse. They are also great for toasting for salads and making pesto.

Artichoke hearts

Baba-ga hummus Homemade roasted eggplant and garlic hummus. Not great as-is. I will defrost and reblend.

Bailey's Irish Crème Mint This stuff is so good frozen!
I keep a small bottle of it in the freezer.

Berries I'm not a big berry eater, but these will be yummy on a dessert for guests.

Black beans We don't do canned beans. These were cooked in bulk and frozen.

Blood worms Food for our African dwarf frog.

Bleu cheese

Bread yeast Hubby is the bread machine king; I am new to Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day.

Brewing Yeast
Hubby is a home brewer



Chicken Broth Homemade

Chicken Scrap Bag for the next batch of broth

Chocolate chips


Diced tomato

Egg Whites We have more than I thought! 4 containers containing various quantities: 2, 2, 3, 6

Film Hmm...I don't think we even own a film camera any more.

Freezer Packs Good for lunches.

French Onion Soup Hubby made this in bulk for lunches.


Guacamole Homemade

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