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Still Have An Old Sigg Kicking Around?

The voluntary Sigg recall is long over, but some people who missed the free replacement boat might still be wondering if their bottle has the old, BPA-containing liner. Here is how to tell:

If the liner is brassy (orange bottle) that is the old liner revealed to leech BPA. Use it as a flower vase or for whatever purpose you think up or recycle the bottle with other aluminum.

If the liner is opaque beige (pink bottle) you have a bottle from the first batch of the new, BPA-free liner. The bottles in the first batch were coated with too much liner, which--as you can see from the stringy thing hanging from the pink bottle--begins to peel off. If this happens to you, contact Sigg. They may replace your bottle.

If the liner is silvery-beige (black bottle) this is a bottle with the new, BPA-free liner and an appropriate coating of liner.

Beige New vs. Brassy Old

New Bottles
Too Much Liner vs. Right Amount

I am trying really hard to still believe in Sigg. I receieved great customer service from them right after the BPA news came out and again recently. Hopefully the new bottles are finally what Sigg promised from the beginning!



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