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Decoration Inspiration

As we continue to spruce up our house using as much as possible that is used, repurposed, and/or refinished, I crave do it yourself (DIY) inspiration. Since I am home sick today and I don't have the brain-power for writing or the energy much of anything, surfing the web is a good way to pass the time in between naps. Here are two of my favorite decorating-focused blogs that make me want to get better quickly and make the most of the beautiful spring weather that has suddenly appeared...

The DIY Showoff is a great blog that features the writer's own home (their barn patio blows my mind!) plus DIY links and instructions from many other blogs.

Young House Love is a pretty well-known site about making the
most of a smallish house. I love this blog because our houses have similarities and it gives me hope for getting beyond some of the big issues we face in our house.


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