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It’s Been Awhile

Hi there. It’s been awhile! A year ago—to the day—I was fortunate get (and stay) pregnant thanks to a wonderful reproductive endocrinology team at Shady Grove Fertility. I had a pregnancy that knocked the stuffing out of me, hence not writing for so long, but baby boy Vaughn is here and he is a delightful three-month-old. Since Infertility Awareness Week is coming up soon (April 24-30), I want to share the link we shared with our support team as we started treatments. While every couple reacts uniquely to infertility—and hubby and I don’t align with 100% of the things in these articles—they are the best resource we found for helping family and friends navigate how to be supportive.

I’ll be back with More Green for Less Green ideas soon. I’ve got a year’s worth of ideas stored up in my brain!

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