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Master Bedroom Reveal

I am so excited to reveal before-and-after pictures of our master bedroom with you! The room is just under 10 by 13 feet, so it is hardly a "master" bedroom by today's standards. But, we have worked hard to make it a cozy oasis.

First, some before pictures...

This picture is blurry, but if you look closely you can see some faint graffiti on the wall (a heart is the most noticeable bit). Our best guess is that it was done with white spray paint, but who knows. That heart bled through layers of primer-sealer! You also can see general damage to the wall. You can click on the picture to open a larger view.

Here is general filth on another wall-- in addition to the mystery filth stains, there actually is stuff dripping down the walls! The floors are very scuffed and water-stained. You can click on the picture to open a larger view.

Making progress...primed walls plus refinished floors. We switched primer brands midway and the trim is not painted, so the walls still look weird, but they are on the right track.

And now
how it looks today!

The paint color is a blend that I made myself after buying a too-dark color. That will have to be a blog entry unto itself! We still need to get the rest of our wall-hangings up and we will probably install a ceiling fan at some point.

I love having a TV for movies only, we don't have TV services to the house so everything we watch is deliberate. When I have TV, I tend to just get sucked in and watch to watch.

Having the aquarium in the room was a debate, as the little table is not my optimal style and narrow though it is, it take up space in a small room. But, I love watching our aquatic frog swim around--living art!

Behind the entry door to the room is the door to the tiny closet. Because I rarely have to wear ironed/dressy clothes, I need little easily-accessible closet space. So, I use this closet and hubby used the larger closet in our shared office, one door down. I use a closet in the basement for fancy dresses and off-season clothes.



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