More Green For Less Green

Living more eco-friendly for less money


Saving on Cleaning, Paper Products, and Disposables

  1. In the past we've bought our cleaning supplies from the dollar store, but now we are moving to natural cleaners instead (baking soda, washing soda, vinegar, borax, etc.) which will be on par with dollar store prices, if not cheaper.

  2. We rarely use paper towels; instead we use small rags (cut up old t-shirts) as one-use and wash cloths (we keep them in a canister so they're not unsightly). Fewer things to buy over and over, fewer things to throw away!

  3. We also are moving towards cloth napkins instead of paper. It makes every meal feel a little fancier, too.

  4. For parties, we bust out real dishes, glasses, and flatware instead of buying disposables. The only cost is running the dishwasher an extra load and the only waste is dirty water. Plus, it is fun to get use out of wedding presents we rarely use - like special green plates just for desserts or a whole set of glasses just for cordials [what were we thinking :)].

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