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Reusable Water Bottles Part 2- BPA

We can't really talk about water bottles without talking about BPA. In addition to the huge downside of endless production, transport, and disposal of one-use water bottles, BPA in the plastic bottles is the other big concern. Personally, I think that BPA concern has gone a little alarmist, but Canada’s concern about it really has me thinking. And really, it is so easy to dramatically lessen my exposure to it (by not heating in plastic and reducing amount of food and drink consume from cans and plastic packages) that I see no reason not to.

If you are looking for some good reads about BPA, here are my favorite articles: (this is a PDF)

BPA concerns or no, a reusable bottle is better for the environment. Okay, actually a few dissenters say that the manufacture of a reusable bottle is better than a disposable, but I haven’t actually seen anything tangible on that. Plus, when you add in endless transport energy expenditure and endless trash or recycling expenditure of disposables, that is a hug, nasty cycle. So, I’m sticking with consuming less that is disposable; reducing trumps recycling any day!



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