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Wearing Baby In A Woven Wrap

I am a guest blogger on the Beltway Babywearers site today writing about how wearing Baby V in a woven wrap has helped me thrive as a parent despite chronic back pain. Check it out here.

While a high-quality woven wrap is not cheap, it is one of those things that is worth spending a bit extra money on upfront to get a lifetime (or more) of use out of. People shell out hundreds of dollars for strollers, which have pieces that eventually will wear out or break. A carefully selected woven wrap will allow baby to be toted from newborn days to early childhood and then left in good enough condition to resell for most of its initial value or to hang on to for passing to the next generation someday.

Name brand woven wraps generally are made in Europe, which has strict standards of production, and made from natural fibers. Wrap companies generally do their weaving in small batches, creating true artisan products. Wraps also can make impromptu blankets, table cloths, nursing covers, shirts, forts, sturdy hammocks, etc.

It is rare that I get enough excited enough about a product that I to want to start a collection, but wraps are so comfortable, functional, beautiful, natural, re-sellable, and enduring that they've caught my attention!

You can find used wraps in various brands, colorways, and sizes for sale here.

For a primer on all things wrap related, check this out.

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